CSP LIFT-TOOL / WE is used for automatic lifting/handling of wall elements from formwork tables to delivery trolleys, as well as for internal handling at the warehouse.

CSP LIFT-TOOL / WE consists of a lifting yoke is equipped with two independently electrically driven slides, each slide is fitted with a relief system as well as gripping claws that can grip the pre-mounted adapter, lifting yokes are handled as standard by two parallel operated gantry cranes. The lifting yoke is equipped in the center with a signal lamp for indicating the claw units and the position of the adapter, thus ensuring safe lifting/handling of wall elements.

CSP LIFT-TOOL /WE is operated using a remote control, the slides of the lifting yoke can be moved independently of each other so that the two claws can be positioned and lowered over the adapter. An indicator built into the adapter and claw ensures that the claw is positioned correctly over the adapter, after which the claw can be closed (signal light indicates when adapter and claw are locked) the unique construction between claw and adapter ensures a stable and safe lifting/handling of the wall element.


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